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Pieśni Beleriandu (ang. The Lays of Beleriand) – trzeci tom Historii Śródziemia, opracowany przez Christophera Tolkiena na podstawie nieopublikowanych manuskryptów J. R. R. Tolkiena. Został wydany w 1985 roku, nie doczekał się polskiego tłumaczenia.


  • Wstęp
  • I The Lay of the children of Húrin
    • Prologue (Hurin and Morgoth)
    • I Turin's Fostering
    • II Beleg
    • III Failivrin
    • Second Version of the Lay:
      • I (Hurin and Morgoth)
      • II Turin's Fostering
  • II Poems Early Abandoned
  • III The Lay of Leithian
    • Canto
    • I (Of Thingol)
    • II (Gorlim's betrayal and Beren's revenge)
    • III (Beren's meeting with Luthien)
    • IV (Beren before Thingol)
    • V (Luthien's captivity in Doriath)
    • VI (Beren in Nargothrond)
    • VII (Beren and Felagund before Thu)
    • VIII (Luthien in Nargothrond)
    • IX (The defeat of Thu)
    • X (The attack by Celegorm and Curufin)
    • XI (The disguising of Beren and Luthien and the journey to Angband)
    • XII (Fingolfin and Morgoth; the meeting with Carcharoth)
    • XIII (Beren and Luthien in Angband)
    • XIV (Escape from Angband)
    • The Unwritten Cantos
    • Appendix: Commentary by C. S. Lewis
  • IV The Lay of Leithian Recommenced
    • Note on the original submission on the Lay of Leithian and The Silmarillion in 1937
  • Glossary of Obsolete, Archaic, and Rare Words and Meanings

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